Arizona is an explorer’s dream with places that defy the senses and experiences that create long-lasting memories. But travel inevitably has an impact on destinations and their surroundings.

To help protect Arizona’s natural icons and diverse landscapes, the Arizona Offi ce of Tourism forged a partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to promote sustainable tourism. This partnership led to the creation of Appreciate AZ.

"Arizonans are lucky to have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world in their very own backyard."

"There are seven Leave No Trace principles — everything from planning ahead and respecting wildlife to fire safety and sharing the outdoors."

"To learn more about how you can leave no trace when exploring Arizona’s outdoors, visit"

Planning Ahead and Preparing for our state’s diverse terrain means you’ll be able to safely experience all that Arizona has to offer — including the grandest of canyons. #AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona

Stick to the Trails when venturing outdoors. By minimizing your impact, you’ll help protect plants, animals and yourself. #AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona
Trash your Trash! Pack out everything you pack in to safeguard our delicate ecosystems. #AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona
Leave What You Find — take pictures and make memories, but don’t take mementos or leave a mark. And please respect our iconic cacti, they’ve been here longer. #AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona
Be Careful With Fi re! Only use designated fi re pits and always attend to your campfi re. Our forests thank you. #AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona

Let wildlife stay wild! Arizona
is home to more than 800
species of wildlife and while
they’re awfully cute, make
sure to admire from afar. 
#AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona

Share the Outdoors! Arizona’s landscapes are the perfect backdrops for reflection — be mindful of everyone’s personal connection to the land so we can all enjoy it together. #AppreciateAZ #VisitArizona
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